In an effort to prevent adoption of the Compact, some critics have resorted to distorted and misleading public statements about its provisions. Here are a few of the myths that have come up along the way — along with the real facts.

MYTH: The definition of a physician in the Compact is at variance with the definition of a physician by all other state medical boards.
MYTH: Physicians participating in the Compact would be required to participate in Maintenance of Certification (MOC), or that MOC is an eligibility requirement for the Compact.
MYTH: The Compact would “supersede a state’s authority and control over the practice of medicine.”
MYTH: The Compact would change a state’s Medical Practice Act.
MYTH: It would be expensive for a state to extricate itself from the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.
MYTH: The Compact represents a regulatory excess, and costs and burdens on the state will be increased.
MYTH: The Compact will allow out-of-state physicians to circumvent the laws of the state.